Wind/solar Microgrid can take firms ‘off-grid’

West Lancs renewable energy systems installer Task Contract Solutions has signed a deal to be the sole UK supplier of a combined wind and solar system that can take businesses ‘off-grid’. Tony McDonough reports

Microgrid, Task
Microgrid combines wind and solar energy


Renewable energy system installer Task Contract Solutions has signed a deal with a US firm to offer combined wind and solar facilities to the UK.

In 2015, Burscough-based Task delivered the installation of a large solar farm on redundant land at the Altcar training camp in Sefton. Each year the camp welcomes 110,000 military personnel and the facility has massively reduced its dependency on the National Grid.

Now Task is partnering with US-based Hover Energy to help accelerate the UK’s transition to renewable energy. The deal offers the potential for hundreds of businesses to go ‘off-grid’ and generate their own energy from renewable sources.

Hover’s wind-powered Microgrid combines solar, wind and intelligent energy storage. The two businesses are now planning their first large-scale project in the UK, taking an entire 620-acre site off-grid. Task will be the sole UK supplier of the concept.

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Combined wind and solar energy systems are not a new concept and the UK has seen a gradual growth of solar panels in use on homes and businesses for more than a decade. However, roof mounted wind turbines, which allow a more consistent and reliable energy source, have not been available for the UK market, until now. 

The Hover wind turbine system is mounted along the windward edges of building rooftops or free standing structures generating power 24 hours a day. This is combined with solar panels, which generate predictable power during the majority of the daytime hours.

This combination is supported by Hover’s intelligent energy storage system to deliver greater impact and generate sufficient energy to take entire buildings off-grid. 

Ian MacVicar, managing director of Task, said: “Task is dedicated to transforming the way people and businesses think about their power supply and we are passionate in our ambition to help the UK make the big transition and ensure that renewable energy becomes the primary source of energy for the majority not the few.

“We are excited about our partnership with Hover, which gives Task the sole UK rights to this proven, intelligent, and market changing system. We will drive the growth of this game changing energy solution here in the UK.” 

Hover’s low-noise, low-vibration, wind-flexible technology allows it to operate safely in urban areas and also bypass the installation of costly transmission lines. Capturing a combination of wind and solar energy creates a more reliable energy source.

It claims its Microgrid can produce more power per square metre than any other rooftop renewable energy installation on the market. The Hover system determines the optimal combination of wind, solar and energy storage to maximise onsite, renewable, power generation. 

Chris Griffin, president and co-founder, Hover, said: “We have been working alongside the Task team for quite some time and been impressed not only with their quality of work but with their character.

“I could not be happier to welcome Task into the Hover family and look forward to helping UK companies and government entities reduce their energy costs while also reducing their carbon footprints.”

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