Neway say they offer best pump solutions in UK

Neway, the Ellesmere Port-based marine and waterway pump specialists play a key role in controlling the huge quantities of water involved in the refurbishment of Liverpool dock entrances.

The group helped remove and refill three million tonnes of water in a series of pumping operations at Langton Lock, and has worked as a contractor to Cammell Laird on the refurbishment project.

Managing director of Neway group, Peter Sinkinson, has said that pumping work enabled engineers to get access to watertight lock gates, known as caissons, which needed to be swapped to allow refurbishments:

The caissons let ships pass through different water levels between docks and the tidal River Mersey.

“The complex project showcased Neway’s unique offer – a complete pump solution combining the latest, most-efficient equipment with specialist staff support to manage the entire pumping process. We deliver results and our dependability is rock-solid.

“Neway’s approach is more cost and time-efficient for customers. This is because we differ from many pump hire firms, which tend to have older, slower equipment and do not offer specialist staff to manage projects on-site.

“As a result, their customers waste time finding pump staff and then managing them, all at additional expense. Furthermore there can be uncertainty about contracted staff’s level of experience and expertise, whereas Neway’s pump staff are some of the most experienced and best qualified in industry.”

Peter Sinkinson said that Langton Lock is divided into three sections with caissons between. Throughout the first phase, the outer gate (weighing 1,600 tonnes) was detached and removed from its recess, then manoeuvred and moored at the outer end.

This was followed by a 4,000-tonne middle gate, refurbished two years ago, which was floated and repositions on the outer recess. The outer caisson then needed to be floated to a refurbishment recess which then had to be emptied.

Neway managing director Wayne Sides said the company is actively targeting winning pump management work across many industries. He added:

“We believe we offer the best pump solutions in Britain.

“Few companies can match our calibre of equipment, expertise, efficiency and support.

“We currently work across Britain and Europe on rivers, ports, shipyards, docks, canals or any environment where water needs to be controlled.”


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Words: Peter Cribley

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