Wirral training firm CPL hails its ‘organic’ gender equality strategy

Birkenhead company now has four women in its management team – a 50/50 gender split – and CEO Daniel Davies says ability and performance have been the main criteria for advancement

CPL executives Jo Baldock, Chelsea Hankin, Alex Higginson, and Louise Sui. Picture by Jack Hunter


Wirral training firm CPL Training Group says a recent restructure of the business now means its leadership team has a 50/50 gender split

The Birkenhead company undertook the restructure in April  and the leadership team now has four women – managing director Louise Sui, head of marketing Chelsea Hankin, head of finance Alex Higginson, and Jo Baldock, head of client services.

CPL says its commitment to gender equality has developed organically, where individuals have earned their roles on merit and talent alone.

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Louise Sui said: “We’ve always had a great balance of men and women in the company, but it makes me incredibly proud to have equality at a leadership level. It’s a testament to our forward-thinking nature.

“When I started at CPL in 2011, I came in as the commercial manager and was given the platform to express myself. This environment – where your gender isn’t held against you – has allowed for an equal balance and talented women to progress, not to mention a very happy team.”

Daniel Davies, chief executive of the business, added: “At CPL, everyone has earned their position through ability and performance – and not on the basis of their gender.

“This is something that’s happened naturally over the years, recruiting the best people for the job time and time again. We are delighted to have this diversity; it gives us access to ideas and opinions which can’t always be replicated in a boardroom full of men.”

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