Woolton Woods trustees donate land to local community

In a fitting donation for the 10th anniversary of the murder of Sister Dorothy Stang, Woolton Woods trustees have donated land to local community.

The headteacher of St Julie’s Catholic High School Tim Alderman has announced that Woolton Woods trustees have donated land to the local community, saying:

“There is no doubt that a new school for St Julie’s will take up land on the field in front of our school. However, this was recognised very early on by the Trustees and the school, who immediately sought to ameliorate the position. That is why, last summer we agreed to release an area of private woodland to the city for people to use. Plans were drawn up showing a fitness trail and picnic area. The woodland being released is several times larger than any of the field space being used under this proposal.

“However, the proposal was not greeted with any good will from protesters who rejected the gesture. Despite this the Trustees have remained resolute in their commitment to ensure that space for local people is increased.

“It is fitting at this time that ancient woodland is being made available for all members of the public to enjoy. This week it is 10 years since Sister Dorothy Stang, SND was murdered by illegal loggers in the Amazon rainforest of Brazil. Sr Dorothy worked tirelessly with local people to find sustainable solutions to environmental issues. Our Performing Arts theatre is named in her honour. This week, Notre Dame schools across the country and the globe will remember her work to bring justice and peace to the most disadvantaged in our society and celebrate her life.”


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