e-blueprint helps promote online commerce

The growth of internet industry and commerce means that businesses need to engage with their customers online in order to survive, and e-blueprint can help.

Utility and function are things that often get left behind when designing a website, in favour of flash and style. However, with e-blueprint, based out of the Baltic Triangle-based Elevator Studios, businesses can avoid making costly online errors.

E-blueprint has a tried and tested pedigree of more than a decade, and is now being used as part of the Liverpool Hope University International Tennis Tournament.

Nick Taylor, managing director of e-blueprint, said:

“We started working with tournament organiser, Northern Vision, last year,

“We did a full rebrand which also included marketing materials such as brochures and tickets, too. That was for the Liverpool event and also for their other events.”

E-blueprint offers a one-stop shop for business to engage with branding, web design, e-commerce, and search engine optimisation (SEO) as part of one overall package.

Nick Taylor continued:

“As part of doing my Masters degree I was looking at the development of e-commerce systems so a number of things just came together to lead me to start the business,

“I had a contract with Sandown Racecourse and later on I started moving more into the SEO side.”

E-blueprint was previously based out of Liverpool Innovation Park, but the team of five staff now operates out of the Baltic Triangle’s Elevator Studios.

In addition to work with Northern Vision, e-blueprint are also developing links with the architectural sector. It also offers e-commerce work to manufacturers and retailers looking to develop a different name and brand that allows businesses to sell directly to customers outside of their main client base.

Nick Taylor explained:

“A big push for clients now is on what we call ‘conversion’. This is about turning visitors to your website into customers,

“It is about looking at the usability of your website and seeing how easy it is for people to purchase your goods and services.

“Some websites still seem to be design-led – where aesthetics are seen as more important than functionality.”

The increasing use of mobile devices across the globe also offers a significant opportunity for e-commerce and web development:

“Everyone has a mobile phone now and that has created a much bigger market place. We have to make sure what we are providing is right for the audience.”


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Words: Peter Cribley

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