‘Footballer accountant’ to double headcount

A Liverpool accountancy firm whose clientele is mainly top footballers and other elite sports people is set to double its headcount. Tony McDonough reports

Jack Mackreth
Jack Mackreth, co-founder of Kyzen Sports in Liverpool


Liverpool accountancy firm Kyzen Sports is aiming to double its headcount in the next 18 months.

Based in south Liverpool, Kyzen was co-founded in 2016 by Jack Mackreth alongside school friend George Mansfield. Jack is a former professional footballer who played for Tranmere Rovers, Bury and Wrexham.

Currently employing 18 people the firm’s clientele comprises mainly professional footballers and other elite athletes. Over the next 18 months it aims to double the size of its workforce by appointing accountants, admin staff and “social media superstars”.

Jack says working for the firm would be a “dream come true” for any football-mad recruits. He explained: “We want to find good people who understand football and will relish the thought of regular interactions with players.

“As an office we’re all into our sports so it’s a great team to be a part of if you love the beautiful game.”

Still on the books of Warrington Town, Jack reveals he is battling a “potentially career-ending injury”. He adds he appreciates the importance of planning for life after football, which is a relatively short career.

“When I was still in school my dad pulled me to one side and told me I could play football but I needed to get my GCSEs first,” he said. “I ended up getting nine As and A*s. I also did three A levels, studying for them alongside my GCSEs.

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“My dad wanted me to have the option to go to university. I ended up having a playing career so whenever I was away from the North West I would be studying too.”

Kyzen now goes into football clubs to educate players on financial literacy. They also work for a range of athletes and footballers across the top leagues.

Jack added: “Young footballers need someone to hold their hand at times. You’re so desperate to be a footballer, that’s all you think about. You just want to play. Our aim is to help players to start planning for their life after football, while they also continue focusing on their career.

“I don’t think many players think about the future so by the time they get to 31 and are released from their contracts it can be a real struggle. One of the reasons we’re doing so well is that alongside helping with tax returns and wealth management we also educate about budgeting and pensions.

“Our experience means that we know what footballers need and our team is trained to provide those services.”

The company is based at Business First Centre on Goodlass Road. Jack said: “It’s an exciting time and we’re really looking forward to seeing what the future holds.”

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