Former reality TV star gets into pyjamas

Melissa Reeves from Liverpool thought being a reality TV star would lead to riches but found herself as a single mum with no income – now she is a pyjamas entrepreneur. Tony McDonough reports

Melissa Reeves
Melissa Reeves, founder of Mommy’s & Minis with daughter Vienna


After leaving school at 16 Melissa Reeves was quickly on what she thought would be a road to fame and fortune. 

While still a teenager she began working as a DJ and this led to a role in the hit reality TV series, Ex On The Beach. This was followed by four seasons on The Challenge on MTV. Melissa envisaged life as a wealthy celebrity – but that wasn’t how it turned out.

“I had this idea that getting on TV meant I’d make millions and be set for life,” she said. “I was so wrong. Reality TV is far from what people presume it is.

“It a great experience but it has absolutely no longevity. So while you’re filming it and on the TV, great, you’re getting paid but as soon as filming is over, so is your income.”

Whilst she remained young and single with no responsibilities this lifestyle worked for her. However this soon changed once she fell pregnant. Melissa found herself alone with no obvious source of income.

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She was determined to be the best mum she could be and started thinking of jobs she could do to provide a steady income and also allow her to be a mum to daughter Vienna, who was born in 2020.

Working as a DJ and a reality TV star wasn’t going to work as a single mum. She knew she didn’t want multiple periods or nights away from her child. So, living off her savings Melissa started researching products and suppliers as she was keen to start a clothing range.

She added: “I had many sleepless nights, and as my savings started to dwindle away. I had no other financial support.This is when I realised that my baby only had me to provide for her.

“I thought to myself, my biggest love in life is my baby Vienna. I loved dressing her up in cute little outfits and loved when we wore little matching outfits. So I set up my own business selling matching clothes for parents and kids.

“I was able to support myself and my baby and help other mums make memories with their babies.”


Melissa Reeves
Melissa Reeves thought being a reality TV star would lead to fame and fortune


After further research, Melissa designed a style of pyjamas. She found a supplier and Mommy’s & Minis was born.

She said: “As soon as the sample of matching pyjamas came and I tried them on me and Vienna her face lit up with excitement. It was at that point I knew I was making the right decision.”

Mommy’s & Minis offer matching pyjamas in multiple colours and designs allowing parents/carers to match with their little ones. More matching  products will also be available in 2023.

Melissa also intends to bring out a wider range of clothing and accessories for both mums and dads so they can twin with their minis.

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