Liverpool holistic health entrepreneur Tracy McMahon on a mission to inspire a new generation

Tracy is the founder of the award-winning Buddha Therapies holistic health spa and clinic in Fazakerley and is launching two new ventures – Little Buddha Wellbeing and Buddha Therapies Academy. Tony McDonough reports.

Tracy McMahon, founder of Buddha Therapies in Liverpool


Interest in holistic and so-called alternative health therapies has exploded in recent years but they are still viewed with caution by many people.

Now successful Liverpool wellbeing entrepreneur Tracy McMahon is on a mission to change perceptions as she launches a new venture to take her message to children, parents and teachers.

Tracy is the founder of the award-winning Buddha Therapies holistic health spa and clinic in Fazakerley.

Healing methods

It utilises an array of traditional East Asian and Western therapies, such as acupuncture and reiki, for numerous different symptoms and conditions.

Said Tracy: “Integrating the best of modern medical science and ancient eastern healing methods, we aim to promote well-being on an emotional, spiritual, and physical level.”

She and her team treat more than 100 clients event week and session are often booked up months in advance.

New ventures

Now Tracy is looking to build on that success by launching two new divisions of the business – Little Buddha Wellbeing and Buddha Therapies Academy.

The academy will see Tracy designing her own holistic courses, including reflexology, aromatherapy, Swedish massage, Indian head, hopi ear candles, cupping therapy and meditation.

But it is Little Buddha Wellbeing that makes Tracy’s eyes light up as she aims to “normalise” holistic therapies for the next generation.

Helping young people

She explained: “One of my passions is treating and helping young people with and without mental health and behavioural difficulties from ADHD, autism, trauma, abuse, anger, Downs syndrome, bed wetting, intrusive thoughts, digestive and muscular issues plus much more.

“I have created workshops for children under the mental health spectrum, visiting schools giving valuable information on the importance of therapies, mindfulness, and wellbeing, to help guide them on their journeys in school, when they leave school, employability and talk to them about my journey.

“Little Buddha wellbeing is aimed at providing information that can be used by children, parents, carers, teachers, and support workers to help provide wellness resources for any situation that may arise either in school, care homes or at home.”

Tracy McMahon is already utilising her holistic skills to help troubled young people



Tracy, a mum-of-two, formerly worked in fashion retail before getting into holistic therapies nine years ago. Using her skills and knowledge she treated her own kidney condition she had diagnosed in 2014.

Resisting the advice of the doctor to take steroids, she says she is now clear of the illness. Now she wants to spread her skills and knowledge to as many people as possible.

“I want to take it into schools and pass on these skills to children, parents, teachers and carers – to enable people to help each other with peer togetherness,” she said.

“Some people still see holistic therapies as being something mystical that they don’t understand but if you start with the kids it can become something people do in their everyday lives.”

Huge potential

Tracy has already started working with local schools and believes the market for Little Buddha could be significant.

“Ofsted is already looking at wellbeing and I think this is a real opportunity,” she said.

Its focus will be split into five key aspects: workshops for children and adults; rehabilitation welding courses; wellbeing days for teachers and carers; wellbeing/support talks; and treatments/therapies for young people.

One mother talked about the positive results for her son thanks to treatment from Tracy.

She said: “My son was diagnosed with ADHD struggles to be able to relax or concentrate. I booked him in for a treatment with Tracy, after explaining what his traits where she knew the best treatment.

“She was amazing with him, he was so at ease in her presence, so much so he fell asleep during the cranial work, I couldn’t believe it.

“As he never keeps still and would never be able to fall asleep of a day as his body is always on go. He was so content during the treatment I was amazed, and that was only after 1 visit.”

Tracy added: “These therapies have been used by people for thousands of years. I want everyone to be able to do what I have done because I know it 100% works.”

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