TNT Post trial “Wheely” wild idea in Liverpool

After re-branding as whistl, delivery company TNT Post have pioneered some unusual new vehicles into their delivery service: motorised unicycles, which will be test-trialled in Liverpool.

Delivering parcels since 2012, TNT post have now rolled out the new fleet of “AirWheels” unicycles as a novel method of package delivery.

Despite a difficult year for the Royal Mail competitor, including two legal challenges over “cherry-picking” delivery locations, and an advertising campaign, TNT post have been undeterred in their re-branding and innovation efforts.

As well as being tested in Liverpool, the new technology will also be trialled in London, Manchester, and Birmingham, by more than 100 postmen nationwide.

Each Airwheel costs approximately £500 – £800 per unit, has a typical speed of 12 mph and has a 20 mile range (with additional recharging capacity from heading downhill).

Whistl Chief Executive Nick Wells has said:

“We are committed to ongoing efficiency and if the trial proves successful then the AirWheel will be adopted by whistl posties across the UK.”

Whistl additionally intends to expand its employee base from 3000 to 20,000 by 2019.



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Words: Peter Cribley

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