Torus starts work on £6.6m housing scheme

Liverpool affordable housing provider Torus starts work on 40 new homes on a city region site blighted by anti-social behaviour and fly tipping in a £6.6m project. Tony McDonough reports

Torus and HMS start work on £6.6m housing scheme in Somerset Street in St Helens


Affordable housing provider Torus has started work on building 40 new homes at a site in St Helens.

Located in Somerset Street in Parr, the £6.6m scheme will see the construction of 28 two-bedroom houses, 10 three-bedroom houses and two two-bedroom bungalows. In recent years this site has been blighted by anti-social behaviour and fly tipping.

All of the homes will be available via affordable rent (no more than 80% of local commercial rents) and Rent to Buy. Torus is also creating several apprenticeships during the project and is offering community-led support via the Torus Foundation.

Director of development and technical at Torus, Steve Alcock, said: “As a group, Torus is far more than just a developer, it works with communities to deliver schemes that benefit all and create true grassroots change.

“Modern, affordable, high-quality homes are, literally and metaphorically, the building blocks of a fairer, more equitable society.

“We’re thrilled to be delivering not only this scheme, but seven others across the borough as part of our Area Action Plan that will deliver a myriad of opportunities to the people of Fingerpost and Parr.”


This site has been blighted by anti-social behaviour and fly tipping


Construction outfit HMS, a subsidiary of Torus, will be leading the build. Construction director John Barrow said: “This is the ninth scheme we have built in St Helens for Torus, and it is one that I feel will create the most positive change for the local area.

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“We’re thrilled to have been appointed to this project and know that the team’s expertise will see a modern, efficient scheme built that will give Somerset Street a new lease of life.”

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