Trot on down to Trattoria 51 for a terrific meal

YBnews’ Peter Cribley gives us his take on dining at favourite Italian restaurant, Trattoria 51.

From the moment you walk in the door, everyone at Trattoria 51 goes out of their way to give their customers a warm welcome, with a friendly atmosphere and a level of care and attention to make anyone feel special, no matter how busy the restaurant gets.


Trattoria 51 has a cosy vibe, befitting of a bustling Italian restaurant, but the setting is modern enough so that it fits right into the heart of Liverpool’s financial district. There are personal touches within elegant surroundings, making the restaurant the ideal setting for a number of occasions, from intimate brunches to larger party gatherings, it feels accessible and accommodating.

And what of the food? Recommended dishes include ocean-fresh grilled swordfish, while the wine list offers a chic twist on a classic aperitif, with a range of Prosecco-based cocktails at a very reasonable price.

Speaking of the wine list, the well-selected house Primitivo offers a warm and robust accompaniment that pairs perfectly with meaty pasta dishes. If your taste runs more toward the marine, the Pinot Grigio or the Verdeca pair perfectly with the extensive Specialita del Giorno menu.

Another feat for Trattoria 51 is its inclusive menu, with almost every dish (amazingly, including pasta and pizza) available in a gluten-free version. And, for the little ones, gone are the chicken nuggets and the fish fingers frequently associated with “kid’s menus”; you can get child-size versions of pizza and pasta dishes with gelato and a fresh juice which, at less than £6, is fantastic value for money.

And I can personally recommend many of the dishes. The fresh king scallops, for example, are wrapped in speck ham with leek sauce, offering a taste that packs a punch without overwhelming the delicate flavour of the scallops.

The gamberoni piccanti are another great seafood starter; light, sea-fresh prawns fried gently in a subtle chilli and garlic topping that lingers on the tongue.

As for mains, the linguine allo scoglio offers a medley of abundant and juicy seafood. If you prefer gamier flavours, then I’d recommend opting for the home-made tagliatelle with wild pheasant ragu sauce for a wholesome, natural flavour that is both robust and filling without being overly so.

When it comes to desserts, simplicity and tradition make Trattoria 51’s homemade tiramisu an ideal option; a light and fluffy dish, dusted in chocolate powder that is enhanced by a fresh mint garnish. Just a quick hint: be sure to eat the garnish to unleash the full flavour of the dessert!


Whether you’re out to impress that special someone, out and about with friends or on the go for a business lunch, a visit to Trattoria 51 is likely to leave anyone walking on air. I can’t recommend it more highly.


Words: Peter Cribley

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