‘Walk-in’ cosmetic dentist opens in Liverpool

In a £300,000 investment, what claims to be the first ‘walk-in’ cosmetic dentist clinic in Liverpool opens in the city centre. Tony McDonough reports

The Dental Cafe
The team at The Dental Cafe in Liverpool city centre. Picture by Jason Roberts


A new dentistry clinic in Liverpool city centre has opened in Liverpool city centre costing £300,000 and claiming to be the first-ever ‘walk-in’ cosmetic dentistry clinic in the city.

Based in Lord Street, The Dental Cafe is now open offering treatments for “smile transformations”, dental hygiene and other aesthetic boutiques. It says it can transform a smile in just 30 minutes with new teeth whitening and bonding technology.

Owner Dr Clare Robinson opened her first site in Garston, on St Mary’s Road, under the same name in 2018. Now, for £90, high street shoppers in Liverpool city centre can have the scale and airflow polish treatment performed in 30 minutes.

New advancements in cosmetic dentistry available at the clinic, including composite bonding, can also change the look of chipped or broken teeth.

A polishing technique known as ‘Airflow’ cleans and polishes teeth with a mix of water, compressed air and fine powder particles. It is cited as superior to traditional cleaning methods which can be time-consuming and uncomfortable.

The treatment comes with an array of flavours – such as tutti-frutti, cherry, orange and mint. These leave customers with a pleasant taste.

The Dental Cafe also offers Smileboost, the one-hour whitening service, as well as a Take-Home Whitening Kit and the composite bonding treatment, with consultations beginning at £50.

Dr Robinson said: “The Dental Cafe understands time is precious in our modern lifestyle, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look after your teeth and gums, stay healthy and seek a perfect smile.

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“The Dental Cafe is a new and convenient model that is transforming the way people can access dentistry and cosmetic dentistry.

“We want anyone who attends The Dental Cafe to leave with a great smile that doesn’t cost thousands. There are so many options available and our team is on hand with the best help and advice.”

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