North West company to engineer click and collect service for SMEs

A new partnership between Manchester-based and Epos Now promises to transform the click and collect opportunities for independent retailers.

In promising to make this an accessible service for smaller businesses as opposed to only high street giants, the two companies are set to revolutionise the independent retail market.

By lowering the barrier to entry, they say that the partnership makes the move to click and collect suddenly a viable and cost-efficient one for SMEs.

Until now, it has been difficult for smaller businesses to compete with larger retailers due to the lack of a single solutions provider who can manage the process from web shop to order transactions, through to delivery and pick up. and Epos have been working together over the past twelve months to bring their new integrated concept ‘nettl: click & collect’ to the market, and it has been meticulously tailored for independent retailers on the high street and online.

Chief technical officer at Peter Gunning said:

“Click and collect is poised for explosive growth in 2015 so it’s essential that independent businesses embrace this concept and include it as part of their long term business planning.

“Shoppers are increasingly time-poor; they want to check an item is in stock before they leave home, and they expect to be able to reserve it online so they know they will not have a wasted trip.

“It’s often perceived as too complicated to implement, especially by smaller retailers, but with Nettl :click&collect we have developed a straightforward approach which enables Epos Now customers to compete with larger retailers, and launch their next shop as an online webshop.”



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