Prepare for public sector contact opportunities, say Millstream

Liverpool businesses looking to secure public sector work for Christmas related contracts in 2016 and beyond are being encouraged to prepare for such tenders now, in order to ensure they don’t miss out.

This follows findings from the UK’s leading e-tender service provider Millstream Associates, which show that Christmas related public sector tender notices doubled last December and January* for future festive contracts.

Christmas related public sector tender notices have already increased by 28% this year and Millstream Associates is predicting a significant spike next month, as organisations look to secure work for 2016 and beyond.

It could prove to be very lucrative to Liverpool-based businesses. Small scale local providers could take advantage of contracts worth £5,000 – £50,000. Larger scale events and productions are estimated to be worth between £100,000 – £500,000.

Millstream Associates, who produced the findings from its Tenders Direct service, also noted a significant increase in the ever popular Winter Wonderland Market Events which dominate cities across the UK.

In Liverpool, Liverpool City Council has in the last two years issued tender notices to support the Liverpool Winter Wonderland Visitor Experience.

From Oxford to Derbyshire, Southampton to Glasgow, Dublin and Cork, many councils are seeking contracts for support services including; erection and installation of event infrastructure, outdoor event management, stewards, CCTV, crowd management, event planners, set and design, supply of funfairs, Christmas light switch on performances and festive catering.

Maintenance and decorative contracts are in huge demand as the majority of city councils across the country require Christmas lighting, illumination, projections and signage. Tender requirement requests include; supply of mass lighting, installation, maintenance, operation, decorative design, removal and storage.

No Christmas list would be complete without the supply of Christmas trees, the annual Pantomime and of course toys, all of which feature in tender notices across the board.

The Pantomime circuit is a keen favourite and often fronted by famous faces and celebrities. Tender notices are therefore placed as far as 18 months+, in advance of the start date as theatre production teams are sought to deliver a script, cast and full artistic services, merchandise, stage design and entertainment services. This year has seen city councils including; Wirral, Leicester, Ayrshire, Derbyshire, Derry, Scarborough, Salisbury, Swansea, Thurrock, Telford and Chesterfield all placing notices for such requirements.

For most, this year’s Christmas celebrations are only just beginning however local businesses who would like to supply to the public sector are being urged to start thinking well in advance when it comes to upcoming contracts for future Christmas’.

Millstream managing director Tim Williams added;

“Although as consumers we are preparing for this Christmas, any business looking to supply the public sector with Christmas related services and products need be aware that 2015 public sector spend is over. Fear not, as tender notices for such contracts for Christmas 2016, 17, 18 and beyond are set to go live in the coming months.

“Whether its festive lighting, Christmas trees, pantomime production or all the support services required to successfully host a city centre Winter Wonderland event, if local businesses want to win future public sector contracts for Christmas, they need to get informed and make sure they’re aware of these opportunities through Tenders Direct.”

Be prepared and ready for Christmas 2016 and beyond by signing up to Tenders Direct, at or call 0800 270 0249 to speak with one of the team from Millstream Associates about public sector tenders.


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