Where to indulge your coffee passion this International Coffee Day

By Andrew Wright.

Erratic weather, unreliable transport and polite but impatient queuing are all quintessentially British features of the everyday commute. However, these inconveniences are combatted through our love of coffee, a morning staple shared the whole world over.

The brewed beverage is the preferred choice internationally for fuelling the day ahead and providing a timely antidote to the ‘snooze’ button!

Furthermore, sharing a coffee is seen as an ideal way to socialise with friends or to conduct informal meetings with like-minded business colleagues.

Aside from the renowned energy-boosting qualities attributed to coffee, it is also reported that the caffeine drink is rich with nutrients and antioxidants. The estimated £7.9 billion industry also boasts a varied range of flavours, styles and textures, catering for every discerning palate.

It is of little surprise, then, that a thriving coffee culture, as in America, has truly emerged on these shores in recent years; styrofoam cups with coffee sleeves bearing misheard names, and trendy baristas are as much a presence on our high streets as the trusty newsagents and local butchers. And in city centres across the country, numerous multi-million pound chains sit side by side with quaint independent outlets, offering their own styles and variations on the coffee house experience. Of course, drinking coffee is far from a new phenomenon, but our coffee houses have become Stateside-inspired social hubs, synonymous with both formal and informal gatherings.

Our friends across the pond are today marking their love affair with coffee, celebrating National Coffee Day, led by dozens of the biggest players in the industry, including Starbucks and Costa. Not to be outdone by our American counterparts, the UK is running events this week, led by International Coffee Day and in particular, ‘The World’s Biggest Coffee Morning’, MacMillan’s huge fundraising event for people facing cancer, which takes place tomorrow (30 September). Read here how a mother and daughter duo from New Ferry are marking the occasion: http://www.ybnews.co.uk/third-sector/bebington-glazing-mixes-family-with-fundraising-to-sprinkle-cheer-for-macmillan-coffee-morning/

Here in Liverpool, we cherish the intimate feel and welcoming atmosphere of some of our leading coffee houses, as they take on a huge social role in fostering a sense of community and togetherness. Although as avid coffee lovers ourselves, we rarely need an excuse to extol the virtues of our favourite espressos or cappuccinos, this week’s coffee-related events provide the perfect opportunity to highlight some of our favourites on offer in the city:

Wall of Fame

The venue, which has entrances on Victoria Street and Mathew Street, has become a thriving hub for coffee lovers, as a result of its diverse stateside inspired selection that is available both in-house and to take away.

General Manager of Wall of Fame Alix Mills said:

“Due to our location in the heart of the Cavern Quarter, we find our coffee offering to be ever popular with our guests throughout the day. From office workers to tourists, our tasty options offer that all-important caffeine kick.

“By serving up a variety ranging from the traditional Classic Americano and Latte to our flavoursome Wall of Fame Macchiato, a milky coffee served with caramel, a double shot of our espresso and topped with fresh whipped cream, there’s certainly something for everybody to enjoy.”

Coffee starts from £1.50. For more information about Wall of Fame visit www.walloffameliverpool.com


Delifonseca is serving up the exclusively named ‘Delifonseca Espresso Blend’ courtesy of its partnership with independent speciality coffee roasters Neighbourhood Coffee.

The premium house espresso blend  is served at Fonseca’s ‘Downstairs’ Café Bar and at Delifonseca Dockside, and is also stocked for purchase at its popular food hall.

Proprietor of Delifonseca Candice Fonseca said:

“At Delifonseca, we think it’s so important to team up with local businesses to bring exciting and innovative offerings to our customers. Our affiliation with Neighbourhood Coffee follows a long history of working collectively with independent producers.

“I’ve known the guys behind Neighbourhood Coffee for many years and they are as crazy about good food and drink as I am. Not only that, they have been international coffee traders for the last five years so their detailed knowledge from green bean to final roast is impeccable.”

For more information about Delifonseca visit www.delifonseca.co.uk

Trattoria 51

Trattoria 51, located on Old Hall Street in the heart of the Business District, is bringing a true taste of Italy to the North West.

Courtesy of its state-of-the-art Caffe-Bar area, the restaurant is offering Italian barista style beverages created using Illy Coffee, a premium Italian roasting company.

Co-owner and General Manager of Trattoria 51 Toni Karemanaj said:

“Italy is famed for its barista coffee and we wanted to make sure that our customers didn’t miss out on a sip of the action. For this reason, we have created an exclusive continental beverage menu, comprising caffeinated offerings including Cappuccino, Latte and Espresso and Macchiato.

“Our prime location means that we are often a hit with the business community, who visit us on lunch break for a quick and easy take-away coffee. We also find that our liqueur coffees are particularly popular during the evening.”

Take out coffee is priced at £1.75. For more information about Trattoria 51 visit www.trattoria51.com

The Brink

The UK’s first and Liverpool’s only dry bar, The Brink, is serving up a selection of barista beverages alongside a huge range of mocktails, smoothies and fresh presses.

With coffee beans locally sourced from independent roaster Adams & Russell, The Brink serves up a delicious caffeinated offering including Espresso, Flat White and Mocha to name a few.

Following John Freyer’s ‘Fifty Fifty’ project for Liverpool Biennial, where clients and members of the public got to prepare and taste eight different flavours of coffee from around the world, The Brink will now have a winning blend available, which has been chosen by everyone who took part in the Recovery Roast Coffee taste session.

General Manager of The Brink Carl Bell said:

“We find that our barista beverage offering is ever popular with all of our guests, whether they are members of the recovery community or of the general public.

“For those who prefer their coffee without a kick, our range of coffee is also available in a decaffeinated form, which is chemical free in line with our ethos for eating well and organically.”

Coffee starts from £1.50. For more information about The Brink visit www.thebrinkliverpool.com

Euro Hostel

The Hatch Bar can be found in the heart of Liverpool’s music hub and offers a range of barista beverages.

Located on Mathew Street, housed within Euro Hostel Liverpool, the quirky venue boasts a pick-and-mix style breakfast to accompany the diverse range of coffee options for just £1.

Just a short walk from the commercial district, The Hatch Bar provides the perfect pit-stop for morning coffee meetings and lunch with work colleagues, before being transformed into an exclusive hideout suitable for corporate events.

General Manager Emma Wright said:

“Here at The Hatch Bar we serve up a range of coffee blends to be enjoyed by all. Whether it’s an early morning necessity or a mid-day pick me up, our barista beverages have become a firm favourite with both hostel residents and the surrounding business community alike. National Coffee Day is the perfect excuse to enjoy a guilt-free day of sheer caffeine indulgence.”

Coffee is priced at £1. All items on the breakfast menu are priced at £1 or five items for £4.50.

For more information visit www.eurohostel.co.uk

Poco Coffee

With locations in Kirkby, Prescot, Earlestown and Llandudno, the independent community coffee shop is serving up a full range of traditional hot beverages such as cappuccino, latte and mocha alongside delicious frappe coffees to name a few.

Founder of Poco Coffee Richard Sutton said:

“Here at Poco Coffee, we’re not just serving up a classic cappuccino, we’ve got a whole host of interesting barista blends. When visiting us, we want our guests to sit back, sip and soak up the fantastic flavours that each coffee has to offer in our comfortable and relaxing surroundings.

“In a bid to offer a refreshing alternative to high-street coffee shop giants, our ethos is to provide a quality option in various town centre locations, while promoting active community engagement to help build strong relationships amongst the locals.”

Poco Coffee has locations on Norwich Way in Kirkby, Eccleston Street in Prescot, Market Street in Earlestown and Gloddaeth Street in Llandudno.

For more information visit www.pococoffee.co.uk



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